Handmade Jewelry, Home Decor and Fashions by Cindi Hardwicke
Art in the Wild Installation "Mystic Portal"
Wildwood Nature Park
Harrisburg, Pa  
April  8, - October 2017

Awarded 2nd Place
Peoples Choice Award
October 2017
Art in the Wild 2017
filmed by CASA


​​​​​​​As a child, I loved to day dream in the shade of a Sycamore Tree on my grandfather's farm in Virginia. I watched colorful sunsets, marveled at Rainbows, and watched the leaves change colors as butterflies & birds danced in the air.  As an adult, I imagine myself there, dreaming up new ideas and creations for you. I've dreamed up Pottery & Glass Home Decor & Jewelry, as well as, handmade jewelry supplies.  All items on this site and in my marketplace shops are created by me.  Most are One-of-a-Kind. 

May 5 - Sept 1, 2017

17 W. Main St Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055
717-458-8245 for further information

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Hidden Shadows of the Mystic Realm
by Cindi Hardwicke & Zack Rudy

My love of Nature and the Fantasy Realm along with fellow artist, Zack Rudy's love of Science Fiction characters has culminated into my first collaborative venture. Zack and I had serious fun imagining and creating a fantasy world in the front window of the Metropolis  Collective's  Art  Gallery in Mechaniscburg, Pa.

After 6 months of dreaming, scheming, designing props and scenery, and creating fantastical creatures out of clay, our Mystical World finally came to life and was revealed on the eve of Friday, November 4.

Dragons, elves, lizards, imagined tree characters, & bugs, along with mushroom, toadstools, monoliths, alters to the natural world and leaf pods created from clay and torchworked glass now have a temporary home at Metropolis Collective's Gallery from Nov. 2 until January 21, 2017.

Jewelry - Torchworked & Kiln fused Glass

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Handmade Pottery : Whimsical Animal Sculptures & Home Decor

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